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I’m doing the London Moon Walk!! (15.2 miles through London at night) In order to raise money for this charity fighting against breast cancer. Having seen members of my own family, and others around me seriously effected by the disease, I really want to do my bit to make a difference now. The group I’m doing this with would all really love to reach the £300 goal, but to receive more would be incredible!! You can donate through this link –Donate here!!



Plastic, Julian Gilbey 2014


  Almost brilliant cast. –Well, Will Poulter has already proven himself a seriously talented actor in films such as ‘Son of Rambo’, Ed Speleers can be beautiful & sinister, and Alfie Allen? Game of thrones. What more can I say.

But Emma Rigby?  The featured blonde love interest. Dare I describe her performance as some-what, Plastic? Yes I do apparently. She has a striking jaw line, bright eyes (perfect for a tear-shedding role), blonde hair and a nice-bod.These were clearly on the list of things they desired from their actress to play the part of Frankie, she ticked all the boxes. Whether or not good acting skills was on that list or not I don’t know but they needed to throw in a girl somewhere and of course this was the only way to do that…although it probably wasn’t.

In fact, this film had the opportunity to try and include a complex, strong female character. Instead they chose to fool us with a character that could at first appear independent, but when it got down to it, she was the incredibly unoriginal, dependent, damsel in distress.  And despite being; treated terribly, lied to, having her intelligence insulted & heart broken, it’s all OK because she got expensive diamonds at the end.

I lost the plot towards the end of this film. The plot also possibly lost the plot.  The visually perfect shots were fading away, the traits of the introduced characters were blurring and I was losing interest fast. This is the kind of film that makes me angry. One with a truly entertaining introduction that’s open to go anywhere and excites you for what’s possibly to come and most importantly, entices you to watch on. So you do. And your heart is broken by the following disappointment of the rest of the film.

Terry stone’s summary of the film on IMDB describes it as a cross between ‘Catch me if you can’, and ‘The Italian Job’. Honestly, The Italian Job did cross my mind whist viewing this film. I think the thought occurred when noticing the heavy London-Language in the script, spoken by a neat looking blonde lad. Made me wander if there’s an attempt to make Ed Speleers the modern day Michael Caine. Who knows.

 One last thing: some editing decisions in this film were pretty awful. Certain swipe across transitions were reminiscent of our least favorite Star Wars moments (yes they do exist!) but the choice to have an aerial shot of what at first appeared to be a small quiet island only to then reveal the glorious, rich vision of the Florida key, was quite the stylish way of revealing their anticipated operation location.

This film had it’s goodies but by this point in my review(ish) I’m realizing that if I wouldn’t say it was worth watching, then I wouldn’t say it’s worth writing much more about. Sorry. That poster though, don’t be mislead. The brunette has few lines and little screen time, In fact I don’t even remember her characters name.